France and Germany – so close, yet so far apart

France and Germany are neighbours. Germany is France’s largest customer and supplier, and Germany and France are the driving force of Europe. Everything seems to bring us together.
And yet, it is not always easy for a French company to establish itself in Germany. There are linguistic and cultural barriers which are often difficult to overcome. Few French people have mastered the language of Goethe, and sometimes it’s easier to find out from French speakers how the German market works, how to invest there or gain a major foothold with complete peace of mind.
Until now, it has been extremely difficult to find a single French-speaking contact in Germany capable of assisting in the process of finding land or property and ensuring the construction or renovation of a building.
Moreover, while Germany and France are close trading partners, economic relations between France and the East German states have been limited or practically non-existent since the fall of the Wall.

France Deutschland Development, a single point of contact for getting established and for your business development in Germany

Based on the above observations, we decided to combine our skills and networks to create the first French-speaking player capable of meeting both the acquisition and construction needs of French companies and investors.
Our goal: to offer you a single point of contact and a complete service platform in French!

What about Germans in France?

Many Germans are interested in buying land or constructing buildings in France. We are happy to assist you with your investments and construction projects.